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//Dame Un Beso// [entries|friends|calendar]
mah ♡ is taken;;

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the 9th @ 7 PM]

the 15th @ 8 PM]
x 11 xOx 11 x: got i wish i was fat
x 11 xOx 11 x: i would be so damn warm
PinkPanther2664: HAHAHHAHAH
x 11 xOx 11 x: *god
PinkPanther2664: lolol
x 11 xOx 11 x: right?1

x 11 xOx 11 x: am i right
x 11 xOx 11 x: HAHA
PinkPanther2664: ahah sure
PinkPanther2664: and if you ever got stranded iwthout food
PinkPanther2664: your body wouldhave tunnnsss of fat to feed off of
x 11 xOx 11 x: youll like,, wont die for like 10 years
PinkPanther2664: HAHAAA
PinkPanther2664: true
x 11 xOx 11 x: youll be lik
x 11 xOx 11 x: the incredible livin man
PinkPanther2664: haha yahh mann
x 11 xOx 11 x: haha
PinkPanther2664: crazy shit htere
x 11 xOx 11 x: fuck yeha
PinkPanther2664: lol we'll get fat together when our lives no longer have any meaning to themokay?
x 11 xOx 11 x: lol i knowr ight
x 11 xOx 11 x: yeah were gonna dot hat
x 11 xOx 11 x: and keepea ting til we cant fir throught doors
x 11 xOx 11 x: !
PinkPanther2664: haha yahh so well be stuck ina room together
PinkPanther2664: dudeeee we could be fat drunks
PinkPanther2664: and we could be liek suck in a room bounching off walls but now feeling it bc we're too fat
PinkPanther2664: haha
x 11 xOx 11 x: LOLOLOLOLOL!
x 11 xOx 11 x: AND like. actually FIT INTO A ROOM
PinkPanther2664: hahahaha
x 11 xOx 11 x: you know like.. BIG FIT
x 11 xOx 11 x: lol
PinkPanther2664: haha we woudl be too fat to fit into clothes so wed hav elone big drunked naked party bouncing off the walls
x 11 xOx 11 x: LOLOLOLOL

x 11 xOx 11 x: lol
x 11 xOx 11 x: naked
x 11 xOx 11 x: oh yes
x 11 xOx 11 x: and we couldnt fuck ebcause if we fucked the guy would have to like go into our legs and find our vaginas
PinkPanther2664: haha hed ahve to swim through our fat first
x 11 xOx 11 x: LOLOLO! I KNOW RIGHT!
x 11 xOx 11 x: and hell have to like CLIMB on top to like. give uskisse
PinkPanther2664: hahah get his mountain gear to climb up us and find our faces
x 11 xOx 11 x: LOLO I KNOW RIGHT!
x 11 xOx 11 x: haha like the pikes and hte shoes and shti
PinkPanther2664: hahaha
x 11 xOx 11 x: and the ropas
PinkPanther2664: haha were like so mean
x 11 xOx 11 x: bguh were talking about us being fat
PinkPanther2664: haha were gonna be makien fun of skinny ppl when were fat
x 11 xOx 11 x: LOL I KNWO RIHGT
PinkPanther2664: wer ognna be like ew you can liek see their hips grose
PinkPanther2664: they only have one layer on their ass
x 11 xOx 11 x: LOLOLOL!
x 11 xOx 11 x: when we are like a cake
x 11 xOx 11 x: lol
x 11 xOx 11 x: 50000 layers on the outside
x 11 xOx 11 x: lMFAo
PinkPanther2664: hahha
x 11 xOx 11 x: i want soem cake
x 11 xOx 11 x: chocolate cake
x 11 xOx 11 x: ice cream
x 11 xOx 11 x: lol
PinkPanther2664: hahahha
PinkPanther2664: hgetting a hea start?
x 11 xOx 11 x: yeahh!!!
x 11 xOx 11 x: lol what about you!?
PinkPanther2664: yyeeepp
PinkPanther2664: im eating white fudge
x 11 xOx 11 x: oh shitt
x 11 xOx 11 x: i have chocolate fudge too!
PinkPanther2664: haha
x 11 xOx 11 x: shit im gettin that headstart
PinkPanther2664: hahah
x 11 xOx 11 x: what abotu you?!
PinkPanther2664: fuck yahh mann
x 11 xOx 11 x: im so excite

the 27th @ 1 PM]
I look alive, Im dead inside. My heart has holes and black blood flows.
We'll do some drugs, well fall in love and get fucked up while the world
just shrugs. With no thought Logically. Were wondering the streets so
aimlessly. I hate to see these kids just being put down so painlessly.
And people say you Dye your hair and wear tight jeans, that
doesnt mean.That you cant scream, or like loud noise, you got a choice,
you have a voice. And just because you showed no love and hate on us
you fucked our trust. Now watch we thrust this Knife Called Lust into
my Chest until it Bust.

-hollywood undead - ♥
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the 27th @ 5 AM]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

        okay bytchies=D
             two;;add me first and then ill add you
             three;;dont be a bitch
             four;;dont be a haterr
             five;;BE NICE!!<3
             six;;COMMENT ONCE IN A WHILE!!!<3
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the 27th @ 12 AM]
Ryan. i love you baby<3

the 27th @ 12 AM]
[ mood | tired ]

if you ever think about cuttin..think again.. look at thses pictures.. read the stories.. and think about what your doing

((Click Here))Collapse )


the 26th @ 7 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

wow.. i really have nothing to say.. iono.. im pretty out of it.. i fixed my user info and now its all sexy amnd what not.. i miss my baby.. soo much.. eh.. iono.. i was suppose to go to the holyoke mall today but iono what happen. i swerar i was iono/.. proly tomorrow but i got madd amounts of homework to do.. hum.. what else.. nnothing really juss waitting for my baby to call me thats pretty much it... i love you ...

i love you ryan<3

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the 25th @ 7 PM]

the 24th @ 9 PM]
this is soo much fun!Collapse )
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the 24th @ 8 PM]
[ mood | confused ]

I love you ryan carter boyden<3


the 24th @ 2 PM]
WOW.. hahah you would never guess where I am at.. im at school.. lol kinda weird huh? Im on the computers and I have nothing to do.. because you know.. since its juss study hall and im bored as hell.. iono wha tim doing today.. but it was a two hour deley.. so yeah.. iono im prettyyyy much bored.. =/.. eh.. omg im soo freaking love with my layout for livejournal man.. well.. as you can see.. its soo freaking adorable.. you guys should look.. well obvoisly you are.. because your reading this.. hum.. im so.. bored. I have nothing to do rite now I mean seirouisly.. I have NOTHING to do.. because im juss…. Bored~!!!!>. I might go to rachels.. to eat some chicken.. im really in the mood for some chicken.. I might make my mother make it for me.. lol… because I want some fried chicken… man.. I am gonna make my mother make it for me im soooo hungry for it rite now you don’t even kno how hungry I am for it.. grr.. im about to go and bite someone because I really want some chicken.. I don’t know if I really want to walk all the way down to the middle school today because im soo cold and I think its snowsing rite not… omg lamont(?) is going to jail for 2 weeks!!! Im lik noooooo haha Vanessa threw up on him.. his nice clothes to.. that’s soo fucking funny.. well all the classes were only lik 40 mins long.. not bad thought.. tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Too bad I aint doing anything because my boyfriend doesn’t want me to.. but its okay. Because I have baby sittin and shiet you know…!!! Well… iono im gonna go now. Because im bored and my hand hurts.. I LOVE YOU<333

I Love You Ryan Carter Boyden<3

the 24th @ 6 AM]

Hey Sami,
Did you kno that I _____ you...
Sami your soo ______ to me....
dude your the fuckin _____ person...
You dont kno how much i ____ you!!!!!
you mean ______ to me...
I wish that i can _____ you!!!
I cant wait until I ____ with you....
do you want to ____ sometime? or do you wanna ____ sometime? or do something?

I ____ you lots,

P.S... your sooo ____!

its sunthin to do.. so DO IT!

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the 23rd @ 7 PM]
do this.. please!!!Collapse )
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the 23rd @ 3 PM]
Like the new layout???
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the 22nd @ 4 PM]
[ mood | amused ]

hey.. iono im juss chilling at deees and im bored.. i got a new shcedual.. um....


Aperiod-World Civ.. wow.. i hate that class... but i sit next to randy so that makes everything all dandy!
Bperiod-Science.. hol shit i have NOONE in that fucking class all i got is sylky and omar.. man.. omar dont leave that class...
Cperiod-Spanish.. wow i hat that class too.. i dont even kno waht the fuck is going on..
Dperoid-Algebra 1.. wow.. that dclass is gay too.. iono... some chillzos..
Eperiod-study hall.. i only have 3 people.. atlease i kno them... lol

yepp.. iono.. i saw ryan today.. god i miss him.. my shoes are SHINY.. i love them.. lol.. i saw chris.. i went to khmai club.. it was fun.. andni  tink that im kinda hungry rite now...<333

((i love you ryan))


the 21st @ 3 PM]
[ mood | drunk ]

i have a pink strawberry milkshake... =p.. umm... yummy... and i love my white shoes..

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the 20th @ 7 PM]
bitches.. i got new shoes =)

the 18th @ 9 AM]
If you read this,

Even if i don't speak to you often,

You must post a memory of me.

It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad,

Just so long as it happened.

Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you....

--i think people should do this..<333
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the 16th @ 3 PM]
[ mood | crazy ]

haha jamie i guess i am boreddCollapse )


the 16th @ 3 PM]
I am worth $9,987,574.21 on HumanForSale.com

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